Horus starts using UAS for photogrammetry services

Horus Laboratory has started using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for photogrammetry services. Services include creation of orthophoto and digital elevation models, oblique photography etc.

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Aeral thermography data registration of Kaunas city

Horus Laboratory has completed aeral thermography data registration of Kaunas city.

Express diagnostics was made using initial thermal images and showed potential leaks in district underground heating pipelines. Several of them have been confirmed after field inspection.

The following work includes data preprocessing and deeper district heating system analysis processes.

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Thermal mapping of Ogre city

Ogre 2013In november 24th, 2013 Horus Laboratory executed thermal data registration of Ogre city. Thermal map will be used for district heating network diagnostics and vectorizing purposes.

Demo system and thermal maps made available to public

We have made available to wider public data from thermal mapping projects in Liepaja, Latvia. Demo GIS system contains two sets of thermal maps with different colortables – one from year 2008 and one from year 2012, a underground pipeline layer network passive – read only layer and base maps from Bing and Open Street Map.

Link: http://demo.horuslab.eu

Thermal mapping underground pipeline evaluation in Riga complete

Last week we finished aerial thermal diagnostics of Riga district heating system covering 300km2 of Riga city at 25cm GSD in thermal infrared spectrum. More than 800 km of underground pipelines were classified according to their heat emissions.

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Horus nominated among top 25 upcoming exporting brands

The Red Jackets event

Dr. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, ex President of Republic of Latvia, Arnis Kadakovskis, manager at Horus Laboratory.

Movement The Red Jackets has judged us to be one of the 25 rising stars among top Latvian export brands.  Being based in a small economy export is a natural modus operandi for any specialized service or product provider.

As we see it the main mission of the movement is to to put a largely unknown country on the map by the brands and reputation of Latvian companies so that at some point country brand becomes a valuable part of corporate brand just as in obvious cases of Switzerland, Germany or many others. Obviously, reputation of a company let alone country is not built in a day or a year.  Continue reading

Aerial thermography of Kaunas district heating network

Kauno Energija, AB – a publicly traded district heating utility has contracted Horus Laboratory to perform district heating network diagnostics using aeiral thermography. Service includes supporting services such as interpretation, network analysis, staff training as well as geometry audit of underground pipeline network. Late spring led to suboptimal meterological conditions -snow cover ended just few days before heating season ended. To improve quality of interpretation of maps repeated flights will be performed in Autumn 2013.

Latvian TV series about thermal scanning project in Riga

As the thermal mapping project in Riga is in full swing, we were invited to tell about our work on a latvian national television series  called “Lidojuma plāns” (Flight plan).

GIS system implented at a district heating network operator

At the end of 2012 Horus Laboratory has implemented a customized GIS Jekabpils siltums, SIA – a district heating operator in Latvia. GIS  is made based on the open source technology that allows the customer to dedicate its resources to adapt the system rather than license fees. As desktop platform/application we used Quantum GIS- user friendly Open Source Geographic Information System (GIS) licensed under the GNU General Public License. SunGIS developed a cloud based solution with browser-based and Quantum GIS interfaces. Most tasks by system users will be accomplished through browser-based interface and only more specialized tasks are left to Quantum GIS.

The system allows to collect spatial information in one place for the customer’s infrastructure (e.g. pipelines, locks, pumps) to browse, select, search, print, etc. Similarly, the system allows you to store information about events in different sections of the network (accidents, repairs, etc.). Thermal map and analysis layers of are some of the information layers in the system. Open Street Map community built map provides street map base layer.

Horus Laboratory  actively is working with the open source software solutions and data sources. It allows to provide customized and cost effective solutions to our clients’ issues.

A Case study: Aerial infrared thermography for district heating network

Liepajas Energija, SIA has included regular aerial infrared survey of underground heat pipelines into their reactive and predictive network maintenance programme.

Liepāja 2008